For Affordable OC Bail Bonds Call 855-BAD CHAD

If need bail bond for a friend, family or co-worker you have come to the right place. I will tell you what to consider when selecting a bail bondsman and how to compare.

We can get you arrest and inmate information faster and easier than calling the jail yourself. The public can get booking number and bond amount but not the charges they were arrested for.

Free of charge I can get you complete arrest, booking, charges and bail bond information in minutes.

Posting an Orange County Bail Bond Simple as 1 * 2 * 3

1)      Fill out online application

2)      Text or Email ID

3)      Pay Online

If you have a Warrant we can post a bond recalling the warrant and get you a court date without being arrested, taken to jail and going through the booking/ release process.

Call me now to get started 855-223-2423. There is no one that make the process easier! There is no one who is cheaper! I will make sure you understand what you are doing and are treated fair. Our talk will be confidential and you will be treated as a client should be.

  • 1)     We are licensed bail bond agents that will inform you and supply you with informationorange county bail bondsman
  • 2)      We will need name and date of birth (it is helpful if you know who they were arrested by)
  • 3)      We will supply you with inmate and booking information
  • 4)      We will explain the bail bond process and cost to compare
  • 5)      We have easy online applications you will not have to print, scan or fax anything
  • 6)      We accept cash, or credit card on our secure website
  • 7)      We will post your bail bond as fast as anyone even if they are standing across the street from the jail right now

What you need to compare:

1)      Premium Cost: This is the cost of the bond. We have the lowest possible rates. You will be hard pressed to match our prices and most likely unable to beat them!

2)      Annual Premium Renewal Costs: Bail bonds have a life of one year and you will be expected to pay the premium all over again should your case go beyond one year. We do not charge annual premium renewals!

3)      Re-Write fees: Once arrested by a police officer the District Attorney has 14 days to file a case against you. If they do not file within this time your bond will be exonerated by the court (Voided). If the DA files the case on you after this time you will be made to file a new bond and pay for it. We do not charge for re-writes. If you use us for your bond we will re-write your bond if this happens for $150 posting fee and not charge you the premium again!

4)      Interest Costs: We do not charge interest on payment plans!

5)      Posting Fees: We do not charge additional for posting fees!

6)      Payments: We offer payment plans!

7)      Rebates: All Bail Bonds in California are regulated by the department of Insurance. There is only two filed rates that a bond can be written for either 10% or 8%. We write Prop 103 rebates for clients that can save you as much as 25% off. We have the lowest possible bond amounts anywhere! If you do not call us you most likely will pay too much!

Inmate booking and release process

Orange County has several County Jail facilities. Orange County Woman’s Jail, Orange County Men’s Jail, Theo Lacy Facility, James A Musick Facility (The Farm) and (IRC) Intake Release Center.

Generally the booking process takes about 4 – 8 hours. Bail Bonds can be posted only after this process is complete. Once the bond has been accepted the release time is approximately the same. The exact time that the inmate is release is not given to anyone including the bail bondsman. If the inmate is being released from James Musick Facility after normal business hours they will need to have a ride there waiting or they will not be released from this facility. They will be bused to the IRC and released from there. Special arrangements can be made for inmates being released that are to go directly to a rehab facility ahead of time so they can be picked up and not released to the streets. The things that will change release times are how busy the jail is at the time, if there is anything such as riot or sector lock down happening anywhere in the jail, the time it takes for the Sheriff to get National Warrant background check back from the DOJ/ Department of Justice, if it is close to 2 AM they may be held until the bars close, if the inmate has ever used AKA or alias names, if the inmate had court the day you are posting the bond, medical release if they are in medical ward and even attitude. Generally we count 4 to 6 hours from the time of posting the bond.

Just because someone has been arrested does not mean they are guilty.

We post bonds for these crimes and others. We see ourselves as part of your team helping you stay out of jail, keep your job and take care of your family while you work on your case. If you have been arrested for the following crimes or have a warrant we can help.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Burglary, Child Abuse, Clandestine Labs, Conspiracy, Drugs, including marijuana, PCP, methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine, LSD, MDMA, and prescription drugs, Embezzlement, Environmental Violations, Gang Crimes, Great Bodily Injury, Homicides, Marijuana Cultivation, Methamphetamine Manufacture, Mortgage and Loan Fraud, Narcotic Sales and Transportation, Pimping and Pandering, Possession for Sales, Robbery, Sex Cases, Sexual Assault, Vehicular Manslaughter, Violent Crimes, Weapon Offenses, White Collar Crime, Assault and Battery, Child Abuse, Child endangerment, Domestic Violence, Driving on Suspended License, Drunk Driving, DUI with Prior(s), Hit and Run, Influence of Drugs, Marijuana Possession, Petty Theft, Prostitution, Shoplifting, Street Racing, Trespass, Weapons Violations, Grand theft, All Felonies, All Misdemeanors, PC 1275 holds, Out of State Residents, Discrete Representation, High Profile Cases and Clients

By Chad Conley

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