How long will it take for the defendant to be released from jail?

Once the bail bond has been posted the release time varies from city to city and county to county. The release from a small city jail can be a little as 15 minutes and as much as 4 hours. County release time can be a little as 2 hours and as much as 12 hours. Your bondsman will generally know the times depending on where they are in jail and usually ask how busy the jail facility is at the time they post to be more accurate. Examples of the different times would be Newport Beach and Laguna Beach Jails it will normally take about 15 minutes for them to be released whereas Santa Ana Jail is usually 2 to 4 hours. Another example would be Orange County Jail normally take 6 to 8 hours for release whereas LA County and San Diego County Jails normally take 10 to 12 hours for release.

Some of the unforeseen things that will affect the release time would be if the defendant has proper ID when they were taken into custody, If they have multiple AKA’s or been arrested using an Alias before, what time of the day or night it is, if anything unusual such as a jail lock down has occurred, the staffing at the time at the jail, if it is close to 2 am when the bar closes and if they had or communicated any medical issues while in the jail.


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